Jelena Dokic

Former World No.4 Tennis Player, Commentator & Best Selling Author (Unbreakable & Fearless)

Friday 24th May - Closing Keynote

1:30 PM | The Inspiring Story Behind One of Our Greatest Tennis Champions

Former world no. top 4 tennis player, Jelena Dokic is a living testament to resilience, triumph, and the unyielding spirit of a true champion. Her journey on the court has been nothing short of awe-inspiring, marked by monumental victories and a fearless determination that defies all odds.

At a mere 16 years old, Jelena etched her name in tennis history by orchestrating one of the sport's most astounding upsets, dethroning the formidable Martina Hingis, the world number 1, at Wimbledon. This iconic victory propelled her to the tournament's quarter-finals, a precursor to her consecutive semi-final appearances the following year at just 17—a testament to her precocious talent and steely resolve.

However, beyond the world of the grand slams and the stadium lights lies a narrative of unparalleled courage and perseverance. A two-time refugee, Jelena bore the weight of adversity early in life, navigating a path fraught with bullying and racism. Yet, her most daunting battle unfolded within the confines of her own home—a harrowing ordeal of abuse endured at the hands of her father for over 15 agonizing years, starting at the tender age of 6.

The scars of this traumatic past manifested in the shadows of her success, casting a long, silent shadow on her mental health. It led her to the brink, where the darkness threatened to engulf her entirely. At 22, she stood at the precipice, grappling with the crushing weight of her experiences, contemplating a life teetering on the edge. Yet, it was this very darkness that ignited a resilient flame within her—a resolve to not only survive but to transcend and thrive.

Jelena emerged as a beacon of hope, bravely sharing her story through the pages of two bestselling books, 'Unbreakable' and 'Fearless.' These powerful narratives unmask the raw realities of her childhood abuse, the labyrinth of mental health struggles—diagnosed with anxiety, depression, and PTSD—and the profound journey of reclaiming one's voice and strength, unshackling from the chains of the past. Her words echo as a testament to the immense power of sharing our stories and finding the resilience within to soar beyond limitations.

Beyond the tennis court, Jelena has become an influential voice—a sought-after speaker, a compelling TEDx presenter, and a revered commentator. She graces screens as a key figure in NINE’s coverage of the Australian Open and other grand slams, not merely as an expert in the sport but as a living testament to the triumph of the human spirit.

Jelena's story is a tapestry woven from threads of adversity, courage, and unwavering resilience—a testament to the unbreakable human spirit and the undying power of finding one's voice, transcending the past, and thriving against all odds.


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